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  2. Click "麻豆代天府 Sign-on"
  3. Login using your KSU Net ID & Password (students)
  4. If you've never logged in before, you'll have to update a few things, like your major, address, graduation date, and privacy preferences. You can upload a resume or jump right into using the tools and features of Handshake.
  5. Now start browsing the hundreds of opportunities, accessible from the Jobs tab in your left-hand menu. Need help navigating to find the best jobs and internships for you? Continue reading our PRO TIPS below.


  • Keyword search with caution. We've been spoiled by Google, but it's important to know the Handshake search engine is not quite as powerful. When you use keyword search, remember, it's searching for each individual word, NOT the phrase you typed in. Results are returned in order of most recently posted to oldest, NOT by relevancy. So, it may be important to go to the last page of your results, because your dream job might have been posted several weeks ago!

    Try browsing instead. When you're on the Jobs page, where it's showing all postings, head into Advanced Search immediately. There, you can narrow down by location and job type, but you can also search in specific industries, or by Job Function. This is where you'll find great jobs and internships that might never be listed in your Recommended Jobs tab. You're a Geography major, and you searched 'geography' with no luck? Try Job Function categories like Agriculture/Natural Resources/Environment, Government/Policy, Research, an International Organizations, and suddenly you should see a lot more options.

    Check back often. Obviously like your hunt for the perfect job or internship, it's a fast-changing landscape and organizations are looking for great talent all the time, not just during the Career Fair seasons or around graduation. The 'real world' isn't bound by the semester schedule. Dozens of new jobs are posted every week. So check back every few days if you're looking for something soon, or at least once a month if you're looking casually.

    Interview without leaving campus. There are employers every semester who utilize our On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) service, which means you apply to open positions posted in Handshake, then they contact you if they're interested, to schedule an interview that takes place right inside our offices. To find current OCI postings, head to the Jobs main board, and you'll see the tab for On-Campus Interviewing, which will bring up the full list of current opportunities.

    Use the other resources in the top menu.  The Employer Directory, information about the Career Fairs, and the Career Finder and Career Explorer tools are all waiting to assist you. Go ahead, click around a bit.

    It's a resource and tool, so it won't find a job for you. That's still up to you! Found a great employer but they're not hiring interns at the moment? Save the information you find, and check back later. Better yet, head to their website to see if there's more information about their opportunities, or a way to contact them directly.


Important Update

All r茅sum茅s must be approved by The Department of Career Planning & Development (DCPD) before becoming active in Handshake. Be sure to download the Rubric above that DCPD uses to approve uploaded documents.

Please allow at less two (2) business days for our staff to review and provide approval or feedback for submitted documents.

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