Preparing Undergraduates for Careers at KSU

Every undergraduate at 麻豆代天府 engages in a curriculum designed to provide knowledge in a variety of disciplines such as the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and the arts. This curriculum, Core IMPACTS, provides students with a range of skills and abilities that contribute to personal growth, professional success, and active citizenship.鈥 
While at KSU, undergraduates will take about 13-14 core courses that address their interests and introduce them to new perspectives.鈥疭tudents who have attended another USG institution can transfer-in earned general education credits toward their Core IMPACTS requirements and be one step closer to earning their KSU degree.

KSU Curriculum with a Purpose

This fall semester, new KSU students鈥痺ill begin the Core IMPACTS curriculum that develops student awareness of different ways of knowing the world and connects them to an 鈥渙rienting question鈥 that will spark their curiosity. The鈥疌ore IMPACTS crosses seven areas:

  • Institutional Priority鈥 
  • Mathematics and Quantitative Skills鈥 
  • Political Science and U.S. History鈥 
  • Arts, Humanities and Ethics鈥
  • Communicating in Writing鈥 
  • Technology,鈥疢athematics, & Sciences鈥 
  • Social Sciences鈥 
KSU student on his computer studying subject from core curriculum

Teaching Core Competencies to Prepare Global Citizens

Core IMPACTS is designed to prepare students for the workforce by teaching career-ready competencies in each course. 麻豆代天府is committed to preparing global citizens and lifelong learners who are equipped with the skills necessary for self-directed and collaborative learning, the curiosity to seek answers to big questions, and the mindset to persist and thrive. Core IMPACTS serves as the foundation of this work.鈥  
By building competency, our students will have a competitive edge with the essential skills that are highly valued in the workforce. These competencies include: